Our Mission

The goal of the Data Science Hub Leoben is to establish a group with the necessary critical mass to enable the successful application of ML in the specific domains represented in Leoben. Combining the complementary expertise at the Chairs for Automation, Cyber Physical Systems, Industrial Logistics, and Information Technology, we are launching a platform to provide a single access point for projects and people at the Montanuniversität, to get support and to undertake joint research and development. Our primary goal is to enable the application of machine learning and data analysis methods for research groups within the Montanuniversität where large volumes of data are available but the research focus is in a strongly different area.

The platform will provide support to projects within the Montanuniversität, but possibly including external partners. We will provide support at the planning level (general setup for data analysis projects, statistical evaluation, possible pitfalls), at the operational level (goal definition, method selection, method adaptation); share computational infrastructure for HPC (GPU cluster); and help with (co-)supervising master and PhD students. In particular, we offer to

  • establish a forum for discussions and presentations on methods and applications relevant to the three areas of expertise of the university;
  • make available knowledge and understanding about machine learning and data analysis (MLDA) methods and their implementations in real applications;
  • support research projects applying machine learning and data analytics techniques in the three areas of expertise of the university;
  • give access to advanced infrastructure optimized to support MLDA;
  • provide students with an environment where they can study practically relevant machine learning and data analytics applications;
  • support the implementation of bachelor, master’s and doctoral theses.